The Spring Lake Five
Spring Lake, New Jersey - Saturday May 29, 2010


Elite Racing Systems

Volunteer opportunities for the race are still available, check the website at for details.

Note: If your name is not on this list and you have mailed in an application prior to the closed date, the process for us to get the data takes about 2 weeks.

A note from the Spring Lake  Race Committee:

It is stated on the paper application and the online instructions, do not register twice. There are no refunds.
Only one bib number will be mailed out per person.
Beginning March 15th instructions and fees will be posted on the website for the transfer of bibs.

 ********** Bib Number with B-TAG and information sheets will be mailed out the first week of May **********


Competitors : If you find any discrepancy, please notify me with any changes. mailto:

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